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5 Gallon EZ Glide Enhancer for synthetic ice


5 Gallon EZ Glide Enhancer for synthetic ice

EZ Glide Enhancer is a non-toxic, non-staining spray-on glide enhancer developed by Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing, LLC for use on all synthetic ice surfaces, including self-lubricating and oil infused panels once their lubrication has dissipated. It has been proven to out perform any other glide enhancer on the market, significantly increasing glide distance per stroke and reducing the need for skate sharpening. The application of EZ Glide Enhancer is only necessary occasionally and on an as-needed basis. EZ Glide Enhancer is totally water soluble, environmentally friendly, EPA approved and does not contain silicone.

Min coverage of 28,000 sq. ft.

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Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 15 × 18 in


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