Portable arena technology

Pool to Rink Conversion

Convert your pool to an ice rink

Maximize your backyard space through the winter by converting your pool to a backyard rink.

The process

Our pool conversion kits are engineered for safety and designed to ensure there is no damage to your pool deck or liner. After careful measuring and assessing your pool area we size and install an engineered sub-floor that spans the width and length of your pool. Ideally we want no objects or encumbrances around the perimeter of the pool so the structure can be installed comfortably with a 2′ footing. The pool equipment is then installed on the sub-floor.  For safety purposes we do not offer pool-rink conversions without dasher boards to ensure there is an adequate guard rail around the rink.

What does it cost?

20x40 Basic Rink


  • 800+ Sq Ft subfloor
  • Rink liner
  • Pro Series 4200 Dasher boards (42″H)
  • Radius corners
  • 1 single entry gate
  • Excludes delivery, installation, ice making. This will be sized and quoted on assessment.
  • Refrigeration package extra