Portable arena technology

Portable Refrigeration Packages

Portable Refrigeration Packages

Will winter return with a vengeance or will it be another season that never was? How can you guarantee a long skate season, with great ice yet not have to depend on Mother Nature to co-operate? The answer is REFRIGERATION. Investing in a refrigeration system means guaranteed ice in ambient temperatures of up to 12°C/53.6°F. Imagine your outdoor skate season starting as early as Halloween and ending as late as April!

What is a refrigeration system?

Refrigerated rinks have a refrigeration system that consists of a chiller, pump and refrigeration mats that pump glycol through the rink floor, ensuring skating conditions up to 10°C thus allowing for an earlier start and later finish to the season. This is the technology used in commercial skating arenas, but with the development of modern technology and innovation, this technology has been retrofitted for residential use. The system is available in both permanent or portable applications. Permanent systems are imbedded in concrete, sand or within the floor of a building. Portable systems are also known as “roll on, roll off” where the piping is laid on top of the surface of the rink floor and later rolled up, removed and stored once the season is over. These systems are ideal for maximizing the all season use of your backyard, special event & holiday rentals, movie shoots or any time a temporary ice surface is required. Portable refrigeration is suitable for installing on grass, over a tennis court, concrete pad or even over an in-ground pool.

The Process

1.   Roll out and lay the rink liner on the floor of the ice rink.

2.   Roll out and lay the portable “roll-on-roll-off” piping

3.   Start up chiller

4.   Connect the headers to chiller/s

5.   Pressure test for leaks.

6.   Install rink boards, start ice making

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Package Options



  • Rink size 24’x50′
  • 1200 Sq Ft
  • 7 ton chiller
  • Roll-on-roll-off rink floor piping
  • Rink liner
  • Rink frame 8″H
  • Full charge of gylcol



  • Rink size 40’x80′
  • 3200 Sq Ft
  • 2 x 10 ton chillers
  • Roll-on-roll-off rink floor piping
  • Rink frame 8″H
  • Rink liner
  • Full charge of glycol