Convert your ice rink space to an all season backyard sports zone with a multi game court. All of your favourite games including tennis, basketball, badminton, vaolleyball, roller or ball hockey are possible with a Flex Court multi game court. This durable, flexible playing surface is the ideal surface to convert back to an ice rink in the winter by simply laying a rink frame and liner on top, fill with water and freeze. 

Lower Surface Temperatures from up to 50% reduced heat radiation, no standing water from ¾" drain free height, and reduced maintenance from no more repainting, striping and sweeping. Enjoy the comfort of knowing where your children are and keeping them active and safe on a Multi-Game Court by Flex Court®. 

There are no limits to the fun you and your family can have in your own backyard! Leave the TV and video games behind and watch as well as participate with your children in fun and exercise that will keep them happy for hours a day and years to come! Flex Court comes with an unsurpassed 15 year warranty, and with a life expectancy of over 25 years.