Our Services


With more than 15 years of rink building experience and expertise, we can provide a great hassle free backyard ice rink. By the time we are finished, your backyard is skate-ready!

  • Prepare the site including providing a level subfloor if required
  • Install dasher boards/rink frame
  • Install rink liner
  • Fill the rink and provide "First Ice Service" - 3 inches of beautifully groomed ice.
  • Install accessories such as spectator netting, rubber flooring, exterior lighting
  • Re-install your purchased equipment all over again for the next season, and the next, and the next....

"IceScaping” & Maintenance Services include:

Your own 24x7 rink maintenance crew

Tired of being a slave to the shovel? Why stand in the backyard with the hose running at 3AM? Overwhelmed after a snow storm? We have the tools, manpower and experience to give you arena grade ice in your own backyard. Regardless of how attractive our rinks are the most important aspect of a backyard rink is the quality and consistency of the ice. We do GREAT ICE!

  • Clear snow off rink
  • Shave and smooth ice surface, also known as "ice grooming"
  • Flood rink
  • Clear a path through snow from the rink to the house
  • Either scheduled appointments or on call emergency services for snow storms or rink/ice repairs as needed

Rink Closure Services

To complete your Home Arenas experience, we are pleased to provide end of season services that include:

  • Dismantling of rinks
  • Disposal and recycling of your rink liner and clean up of area
  • Removal to your storage area if available
  • Removal to our warehouse if required*

* We also provide storage facilities. See Storage Services below.

Storage Services

Don’t have the space to store your rink? No problem! We offer storage services at our clean and spacious, secured warehouse, which is centrally located in Mississauga, just north of Pearson International Airport.

Advantages to using our storage services:

  • Climate controlled environment ensures your rink boards remain warp free and equipment is protected from outdoor elements 
  • Your stored property is insured for fire and theft
  • If required we will do off season repairs and maintenance to boards and refrigeration equipment.
  • You will have year round access to your property if desired.

Consulting Services

Let us lend a helping hand with your project. Our project management and rink building expertise can make your project a successful one. Services include consulting by the hour or by project. Tell us what you have in mind and we will provide a plan and the supervision to help you achieve the best results.