What type of ice rinks do you sell?

We offer three types of rinks. Natural ice, refrigerated and artificial rinks. Natural ice rinks are dependant on weather conditions. Refrigerated rinks have a refrigeration system that consists of a chiller, pump and refrigeration mats that pump glycol through the rink floor, ensuring skating conditions up to 10°C thus allowing for an earlier start and later finish to the season. Artificial ice consists of synthetic tiles made from a polymer compound and is primarily used for indoor rinks and inline skating.

How much does an ice rink cost?

Our rinks are made to order and pricing will vary according to size, location, land gradient and any other special requirements you may have. A team member will assess and recommend a high-low estimate upon completion of scoping your project. Please CLICK HERE to request a quote.

When should I order my ice rink?

We suggest you order your rink as early as possible as they are all made to order. For a natural ice rink we require lead time of 3 weeks. For refrigerated and artificial rinks a lead time of 8-10 weeks is required

What is the minimum size ice rink that can be purchased?

There is no minimum size as all of our rinks are custom made. For a good game of hockey the minmum recommended size is 25’X40’

Does my backyard have to be level to install an ice rink?

Naturally, a level backyard or a concrete pad will be ideal for an ice rink installation, however, where land is undulating, we can provide a full or partial sub-floor to ensure a level surface.

Can you install an ice rink on my tennis court?

Yes. Tennis courts are ideal spaces to utilize due to their level surface and size

Can you install a rink over my pool?

Yes, we specialize in pool to rink conversions. We use specially designed trusses placed over the width of the pool which provides a sturdy and level platform for the rink. This is a temporary structure that is easily removed at the end of the season without damage to your pool surface.

Can you install a rink in my area?

We will install a rink anywhere within Canada. How long does it take to install a rink? It typically takes from 2 to 5 days for rink construction, depending on the size and complexity and up to five more days for ice creation, depending on weather conditions.

Can I upgrade my rink to a bigger size?

Yes, for natural ice rinks only. We always carry an inventory of dasher boards that can be used for rink extensions

What is the expected life span of a rink?

With proper maintenance and servicing, you can expect to get at least 15 years of good usage from your rink system.

Can you provide maintenance in my area?

Currently our maintenance and icescaping service is only available in the Greater Toronto Area. If you live outside of this region, we can provide you with the tools for proper ice management. Please contact us for more details.

Can you store my rink in the off-season?

We offer a clean, spacious and secure warehouse facility for storage of your rink during the off-season (April-October)

How much will it cost to store my rink in the off-season?

Pricing is based on square footage and will vary depending on the size of your rink and equipment, but generally ranges from $3.00-$4.00 a square foot.

When should I order my rink?

We suggest you order your rink as early as possible as they are all made to order. For a natural ice rink we require lead time of 3 weeks. For refrigerated and artificial rinks a lead time of 8-10 weeks is required.

What is "icescaping"?

At Center Ice we pride ourselves in quality ice management. As part of our maintenance routine we will clear snow, clear ice particles, shave and clean your rink, repair cracks and defects in the ice and flood your rink until it has a glassy surface. We will also provide snow removal to clear a path from the house to rink and check and top up all fluid levels of the refrigeration system if necessary. In selected areas we offer a daily, bi-weekly, weekly and emergency icescaping services.

Can I use your icescaping service if I didn’t purchase my rink through you?

Absolutely. If you fall within our service area, we will be pleased to service your rink.

How do I schedule a maintenance appointment?

Please contact us to schedule an appointment via telephone or email.