About Us.....

100% Canadian owned and operated

Striving for service excellence

Backed by more than 10 years of rink building experience, our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, convenient and modern recreational backyard rink that looks and feels like a professional ice arena in the comfort and privacy of their own backyard.We strive for excellence in customer satisfaction with pride and integrity.

Center Ice Rinks is a full service, end to end solution offering manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial ice rinks. Ice rinks may be either natural ice or refrigerated rinks comprising of platforms, rink boards refrigeration systems, a rink liner and accessories.

We specialize in small, unlevel spaces, pool to rink conversions, tennis court to rink conversions, basement rinks and shooting pads, seasonal or all-season rinks. Whether your budget is limited or flexible, we can deliver a very special ice skating experience for your family, community, special event or corporate event.

Rink Sales

All ice rink platforms and dasher boards are manufactured in our warehouse using raw materials such as pressure treated lumber and UV treated polypropylene facings.

Rink systems

  • Natural ice - relies on sub zero ambient temperatures
  • Portable refrigeration systems - consisting of a chiller, refrigeration lines (also referred to as an ice floor or ice mats), a pump and headers.
  • Synthetic Ice - comes in various thickness for either indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial applications. Fast and easy to install and take down and can be installed on any solid level surface. An excellent solution for all season year round ice skating, special event rentals.
  • In-line tiles - for indoor or outdoor inline rinks and sport courts. 
  • Pool and tennis court conversions - This is accomplished by laying an engineered silent floor over the pool, then installing the subfloor and rink on top. For tennis courts, "sleepers" are used for the dasher boards to sit on. This ensures that no damage is done to the existing structures below the ice rink.

Ice making


We offer a comprehensive maintenance package including "icescaping" (snow removal, rink flooding, board repairs), 24x7 product support and off-season rink storage, installation and take down services. It's like having your own private ice rink crew at your call!


We also provide a wide variety of ice rink accessories including protective netting, rubber mats, lighting, and benches.

Special Event Rentals

Whether you are a special events planner, corporation, production company or private home owner, we can help make your event, promotion or movie shoot a memorable one with a portable ice skating rink. We offer synthetic ice for an any-season rental solution or refrigerated ice rinks for your winter events. We can put a rink anywhere, anytime!